“I love Hassel chiropractic! I see Dr. Lacy there and she really is AMAZING! before i started getting adjustments from Dr. Lacey i had chronic sinusitis (had major surgery to fix it and still was having sinus infections like 6 times a year), severe allergies (i was going to an ent once a week for allergy shots and took Zyrtec daily and was still having allergies), and severe upper back pain. But now after going to Dr. Lacey regularly i don’t have chronic sinusitis anymore, don’t have to take allergy shots or pills anymore, and my back pain is manageable during flare ups. She also has taken such care in my well being. If i say something like my shins hurt from running she will gladly do adjustments on my ankles and knees to help with the pain. She even does research for me to help me out with recommending supplements or hormones to help with issues i have. I couldn’t be happier with the care i get from Dr. Lacy and Hassel chiropractic!”
JennyJo Haram

“Dr. Vince has helped my back pain, my hip pain and the pain in my arms. I have fibromylagia and the adjustments help in so many ways. I appreciate the fact that he listens to me and helps the specific concerns that I have. Wonderful”
Deanna Marchal

“We first started going to Hassel Family Chiropractic after having our first child (5 1/2 years ago). She was really gassy and very fussy. Dr. Vince adjusted her and she was a different baby. Both of our daughters were adjusted within the first week of life and we all have been getting regular adjustments ever since. Dr. Vince is our Doctor now. If either of my girls are sick, Hassel Family Chiropractic is the first place we go. We rarely see a pediatrician. Neither of them have EVER been on an antibiotic and never had an ear infection that seems to be so common in babies. We all try to get adjusted a few times a month for maintenance but absolutely go at the first sign of a cold or any “sickness”. We are never “sick” for more than 24 hours after being adjusted. Dr. Vince always takes the time to talk to us about what is going on and what we should do to make things better – including nutrition. He’s a wealth of knowledge and I don’t think there’s an illness/ailment he can’t help with! We love Hassel Family Chiropractic!”
Jessie Port

“We LOVE Dr. Hassel! He has truly been a blessing to our family. It all started when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and our first round of IVF didn’t take. A friend referred me, and I met with him, and started getting adjustments right away. We were also starting our second round of IVF, and within a couple months of getting adjustments from Dr. Hassel, we became pregnant!!!! I continued seeing him throughout my pregnancy. He now adjusts our whole family! Our oldest son has what we call “dizzy spells” and was seen by a neurologist, but we had no answers. He had an MRI done, and an EEG, but all came back normal. I didn’t start taking my youngest to Dr. Hassel until close to 2 years old. I was a nervous first time mom, but after taking him and seeing that he helped lesson and lesson the dizzy spells, I truly became even more confident in chiropractic! If anything happened over a weekend, he would meet us at his office and do an adjustment. We had another son, and he got his first adjustment at 5 days old! He has had no ear infections like his older brother did, and slept through the night at a month old! Wished I would have taken our oldest from the beginning too! We recently moved 3 hours away, and we still go to Dr. Hassel! We are grateful for his compassion to help others and our family. We put our total trust in his hands!”
Brian Spanhut

“Hassel Family Chiropractic is just that – Chiropractic care for literally newborns to senior citizens! I have been going to Dr. Vince for about 1 year. It started with severe neck and shoulder pain that I’ve never been able to get rid of permanently. After about 3 weeks, presto, no pain. I also have multiple spine issues and an irritating elbow and a bunion that he is continuing to work on. Let your body heal from chiropractic adjustments – not meds! No flu shot this year! Why? Learning from informational events about how to take care of my body without medicines in it! I highly recommend Dr. Vince as I’ve have great success and will continue on this journey of getting my spine aligned to deal with my inner health. Even my husband now goes for shoulder issues! Get yourself over there for X-rays and an exam and begin to improve your health. THANK YOU DR. VINCE!”
Cheri Nugent

“Dr Hassel helped my 93 year old grandma escape her debilitating back pain. She remains pain free. Thank you and your friendly staff SO much for taking such good care of her.”
Doug Sassman